Restore, Renovate, Revive.

We offer repair and construction services designed to provide effective solutions, restoring your peace of mind.

Having a -almost- like-new home is entirely possible.

At HD Restoration, we specialize in tackling the toughest challenges your home may face.

Whether it’s damage from water, fire, mold, or any other unexpected event, at HD Restoration, we renew even your peace of mind.

Contact us and let your home return to what it always was.

Our services


We safely decontaminate, ensuring an environment free of hazardous materials and protecting health.

Mold Remediation

We detect and eliminate mold, ensuring safety and reinforcing home structural integrity.


Post-disasters, we leverage reconstruction for improved aesthetics and functionality, turning challenges into opportunities.


Fire Damage

Following fires, we clean debris, repair structures, and eliminate smoke odors, restoring a habitable and safe home.



We safely decontaminate, ensuring an environment free of hazardous materials and protecting health.

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We provide crucial temporary solutions, covering and protecting affected areas to prevent additional damage.


Reconstruction & Restoration

We perform full reconstructions to restore functionality and beauty to the living space.

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Our latest project

Our latest project

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Acquire a customized quote today and embark on the initial phase of a comprehensive renovation.


If you’ve experienced flooding, leaks, or even small drips, it’s crucial to consider water mitigation. If you see stains on the walls, detect musty odors, or notice any signs of damage, our team can assess the situation and provide the necessary solution.

Mold can have adverse health effects and weaken your home’s structure. If you notice colored spots, a persistent odor, or symptoms like allergies, there might be mold. Our mold remediation services include thorough assessments and measures to safely eliminate it.

After a fire, our fire damage service takes care of waste cleanup, structural repairs, and smoke odor removal. We are committed to restoring your home and bringing back normalcy.

Remodeling focuses on enhancing aesthetics and functionality, while reconstruction/restoration addresses more extensive damage, including the complete rebuilding of structures. Both services are designed to improve your space according to your needs and preferences.

The duration depends on the extent of the damage. We conduct detailed assessments and develop a customized plan. We strive to complete the work efficiently, ensuring quality at every stage of the process. Contact us for an accurate estimate.

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